Marijuana Netting to increase bud size and overall crop size.

Even marijuana/cannabis plants need trellising net

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The types of crop training used in the cultivation of marijuana, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, are similar to the type that HORTOMALLAS gives to other types of crops.

Please note! The goal of our articles are to compare and demonstrate the methods of crop tutoring utilized to grow different plants. This article is not intended to cause controversy or support the use or production of any drug. We would remind our readers that some of the plants mentioned in this article are subject to laws related narcotics in many countries.


HORTOMALLAS provides the best products to support crops, as well as try to provide useful information on how to best utilize HORTOMALLAS trellis netting as a crop support system. In our search for informational material, we found a large quantity of plants that require a trellis netting system for efficient growth, and to our surprise, some of the information we found demonstrated that marijuana of both C. sativa and C. indica require cannabis trellis support to grow well.





Angled support with trellis net

The cannabis group of plants being bushes grow in a thick clump of shrubs, similarly to how tomatoes grow. Speaking of the training system used to grow tomato, HORTOMALLAS can be adapted to meet the requirements of many different types of crops and their required support netting systems; a quick example being simple training, where the HORTOMALLAS trellis netting is setup vertically, and double netting. The reason why you install a crop training system with trellis netting is to ensure that branches are held in place.

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Training marijuana with angled support netting.

Once fruit starts to grow on the branches the weight being supported by each branch can become considerable, and at the heavier ends can even cause the stem of the plant to bend or break. These damages can also occur when the weight of the branches is exacerbated by either strong winds, heavy rain, or a combination of the two. All plants that grow into bushes in open fields have these same risks, whether that is a tomato plant or Cannabis sativa.

staking cannabis plants for support
Method to train marijuana with stakes for plant support.

Training cannabis plants with HORTOMALLAS as a flower support system

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The training of cannabis plants permits the growth of healthier and larger flowers, according to the websites consulted on the internet.

HORTOMALLAS horticultural netting offers a type of crop support that is suitable for the cultivation of flowers. This consists of installing the horticultural net horizontally, at a specific height above the ground. This netting setup guarantees that the stems of your flowers grow in the correct direction, which is to say that they should be as straight as possible to have the greatest opportunity to be sold in the market.

Some of the flowers that do very well with this type of training system are: alstroemeria (Peruvian lily), carnations, chrysanthemums, gerbera (part of the Daisy family), gladiolus (Iris family), antirrhinum (Dragon flowers), and roses.

cannabis netting
Tended like a bed of flowers, HORTOMALLAS can train cannabis plants.
Horizontal net support

When it comes to Cannabis, from what we have understood from the information consulted on the internet, the objective of giving marijuana netting is so that the Cannabis marijuana plant is to obtain the largest and best quality flowers possible. This is accomplished by providing as much stem support as possible, which can be done using either a rod or by using trellis netting. By giving the stem of the plant as much support as is possible, the plant will feel that it has a better base and will spend less energy trying to grow strong, and will focus on producing larger flowers. On the other hand, if no support, or if not enough support is given to the stem of the growing plant, it will feel like it doesn’t have enough support, making it spend its energy fortifying the stem, resulting in smaller and lower quality marijuana flowers. By using MallaJuana´s trellis netting by Hortomallas to give the stem of the plant support, it will end up with a much larger flower harvest.

marijuana grow net
Cannabis plants (marijuana) require horticulture netting.

Cannabis plants (marijuana) require horticulture netting

Cannabis can also be grown with trellis net inside greenhouses.

The following paragraphs were taken and translated from the websites with information about marijuana shown at the bottom of this article.
“When we use cannabis trellis net, we should lay the cannabis trellis on top of the pots in such a manner that we can water the plants easily and we should also be able to use our hand to touch the base of the crop, it needs to be done correctly the first time since it is far too late to correct any mistakes later on. We let our crops grow normally until around when they reach about 40-50 centimeters in height, then we transplant them to a 7 to 11 Liter pot. Once transplanted, we place the cannabis trellis as close as possible to the plant; this should leave us enough space to water the plants. Later we start extracting the branches of the plant out of each hole in the cannabis trellis until we have gathered some 5 or 6 centimeters. When it grows too long, we put it in a different, farther hole so that it only comes out to about 5 centimeters again. We repeat this process until the plant occupies roughly 70% of the support net, then we pass it over to start the flowering process.
Once flowering has started we try to fill 100% of the netting while it starts to flower. Due to all that work, we will have many branches that are being supported by the net. Since the cannabis trellis net is capable of supporting a lot of weight from the budding plant, the plant is more than happy to bud as much as it can. The rest depends on how careful you were and how you treat the plant.”

Sites from which we took information as reference material to publish this text.

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These are the sites on the internet where we found the information and photographs about cannabis trellis netting.


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